The Knights of Unity

Meet our team

Masters of Unity at your service, ready to make your idea come to life! We offer dedicated developers to for your demanding projects.

The Knights of Unity Board
Sir PeterSir PeterSir PeterPiotr SobolewskiCEO
Sir MartinSir MartinSir MartinMarcin JanusCTO
Sir AdamSir AdamSir AdamAdam MałekCOO
Sir MacSir MacSir MacMaciej GolecUnity Developer
Sir MaciejSir MaciejSir MaciejMaciej PiotrowskiUnity Developer
Sir KoshikSir KoshikSir KoshikMarcin KoszówUnity Developer
Sir JackSir JackSir JackJack IwanickiUnity Developer
Sir WitcherSir WitcherSir WitcherTomasz JaworskiUnity Developer
Sir ChristianSir ChristianSir ChristianKrystian LemaUnity Developer
Sir JanSir JanSir JanAdam JańskiUnity Developer
Sir LizandrosSir LizandrosSir LizandrosPiotr StochUnity Developer
Sir DanielSir DanielSir DanielMaciej JaroszewiczProject Manager
Sir AlexSir AlexSir AlexAlexander TsekhanskyUnity Developer
Sir MishaSir MishaSir MishaMichał ErtnerUnity Developer
Sir BorsukSir BorsukSir BorsukGrzegorz WierzejskiUnity Developer
Sir MiguelSir MiguelSir MiguelMichał ZmyślonyUnity Developer

...and a couple other Knights without pictures wink

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